There are many causes of heel pain; however, plantar fasciitis is the most common cause. It is often referred to as runner’s heel and in most of the cases are as a result of overuse stresses. Here’s a quick overview of what you may experience and simple proven stretches that will make a big difference.

What you feel:

  • sharp heel pain
  • stiffness in the arch of the foot to the toes
  • burning in the arch of the foot

What you experience:

  • delay in athletic training
  • living with pain during the day
  • inability to enjoy daily physical activities

During running, the force on your foot can be 2-3 times your body weight. The plantar fascia that runs from your toes to your heels takes in the shock as you toe-off for movement. Here are 3 simple stretches to start your day. When treating this in our office, we find that addressing the calf area in addition to the foot gives considerable improvement to those suffering from plantar fasciitis.


What you need: A mat (if you have a hard floor), a rope (6-8 feet) and a golf ball
When: morning and night

Additional recommendations:

  • Stretch before and after exercise, in addition to the morning and night stretches
  • After exercise, roll your foot on a frozen 12 oz water bottle for 15-20 minutes
  • Wear shoes with proper support / Ask if you are a candidate for orthotics
  • Discard running shoes as they wear and become old
  • Avoid running everyday (or other impact activities)
  • Loss excessive body weight
  • Chiropractic check-ups for proper hip and lower body biomechanics

These recommendations are not an overnight quick fix. Caring for this area can take weeks. The key is to be consistent with treatment and home care to create long lasting relief and ultimately, avoid surgery. Let pain be your guide. Contact our office if you experience pain during these stretches.

Let us know how these stretches help!

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