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Dr. Shaun Hudson

Dr. Shaun Hudson

Dr. Hudson was born just outside of Los Angeles in Glendale, CA and was raised in Terre Haute, IN from the age of two. Immediately following graduation in 1996 from Logan University, Shaun moved to the Phoenix area to start his chiropractic practice to help people live their best quality of life at any age.

Shaun has always lived an active lifestyle. In fact, it was a football injury in his adolescent years that led him to his first encounter with chiropractic. It was through his quick recovery and the marked reduction of severe ear infections that led him to pursue a career in chiropractic.

Prior to his advanced schooling, he didn’t understand the detrimental effects continuous antibiotic use has on overall health. With failed ear surgeries and the growing resistance of the infections to antibiotics, the drug-free approach that chiropractic and nutrition had on eliminating his infections was greatly welcomed.

Dr. Hudson enjoyed a long career of  competitive men’s union rugby and has now turned his attention towards golf and pickleball (with an occasional rugby match here and there). Dr. Hudson understands  the importance of corrective treatment to get back into the game quickly and to prevent future injuries. With age and experience, he understands the importance of nutrition, mental acuity, hormone balancing and maintaining structural integrity to age with optimal health.

“My passion is to help others live an active, healthy lifestyle by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to make the best choices for themselves.” – Shaun Hudson, DC

The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Arizona State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Logan University of Health Sciences in St. Louis, Missouri 1993-1996
Indiana State University 1990-1993

State of Arizona Chiropractor
State of Arizona Physiotherapist
National Board Certification, Parts I, II, III, & IV

Postgraduate Training / Education
Evaluating & Adjusting the Pediatric Spine
Manipulative & Soft Tissue Techniques: Accelerating the Healing Process
Art of Healing & Diversified Technique
Chiropractic Sports Physician
Orthopedic & Neurological Evaluation
The Vaccine Seminar
Exercise Strength and Conditioning
Fundamentals of Permanent Impairment Evaluation
Nutrition Diplomat Series 1
Geriatric Healthcare
Advance Practical Nutrition
Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries
Chiropractic Guide to Symptoms and Disease
Function Based Care
Spinal Decompression
Radiculopathy: Patient Assessment
Spinal Pain Syndromes
Neurology of Pain

Treating Chiropractic Physician
Red Mountain Men’s Rugby Team
Tumeke Touch Rugby Team