Work  injuries hurt you physically and financially; and can be stressful to handle. That is why at Hudson Chiropractic, you will receive effective, customized care to reduce your pain and discomfort, correct nerve and structural imbalances, and return you to work as quickly as possible.

Chiropractic is a logical, natural choice when dealing with work related injuries based on the fact that more than 9 out of 10 injuries at work involve the neck and back. Receive proper care to reduce your chances of recurring injuries. Even small injuries left uncorrected can set you up to experience larger debilitating ones in the future.

Our office is experienced in handling auto accidents and work related injuries. We will:

· Document the details of the accident / injury
· Identify the extent of your injuries during a comprehensive examination with our physician
· Customize an effective treatment protocol to return your health to a pre-accident status in the shortest amount of time

The Arizona Industrial Commission provides 100% of covered charges for chiropractic care.
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