Stretching (hamstrings) properly

Way, way back in grade school, I learned in Physical Education (PE) class that I should hold my hamstring stretches for at least 20 seconds. With […]

Got Heel Pain? 3 Stretches to Start Your Day

There are many causes of heel pain; however, plantar fasciitis is the most common cause. It is often referred to as runner’s heel and in most […]

Alternative Treatment

Although I don’t practice acupuncture myself, we do offer it in my office and I can attest that it was very effective for me personally when […]

Cubicle Life

The Most Valuable Tips For Cubicle Dwellers More than 40 million people in North America sit in transit daily only to sit another eight or more […]

About Dr. Shaun Hudson

  Celebrating 18 years of practice in the Valley, Shaun Hudson has successfully helped individuals recover from injuries resulting from chronic degeneration, repetitive movements, auto accidents, […]