I have always wanted to compete in body building since I was 18 years old. With a past history of car accidents, I began suffering from […]


I was suffering from frequent severe migraines. The pain radiated from my eyes throughout my head and down my neck. I had extreme cases in which […]


I had severe low back pain and moderate to severe neck pain as a result of an accident and I was taking extra strength Tylenol. Following […]


I would like to thank Dr. Hudson for his kind heart and consistent care of my health. He maintains a strong position on maintenance visits, which […]


I had visited with a Chiropractor once before and I said that I would never go again. Out of desperation, I saw Dr. Hudson. After reviewing […]


After the long drive home ( Alberta), I still feel great. You are very good at your job and I thank you for your help in […]


I have suffered from severe and constant pain in the middle and lower back for over 20 years. I was diagnosed with aherniated disc which surgeons […]


7 months ago I had lower back pain that was very severe. I was taking pain killers and ibuprofen and was also seeing a neurosurgeon. A […]